10.5.2016 - Game difficulty modificators

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10.5.2016 - Game difficulty modificators

Post by fprt77 » Mon May 30, 2016 6:32 pm

We could not ignore game difficulty implementation any longer. We decided to offer 4 different difficulties (Easy, Normal, Hard, Loner). As any other ingame content, also difficulties are defined in Json files and could be easily modified.

Global values that can be modified:
  • maximum team size
  • flat boost of level width in tiles
  • flat boost of level height in tiles
  • amount of spawned items in inventory objects
  • flat boost of difficulty of all interactions
  • per level boost of difficulty of all interactions
Player or enemy character modifications:
  • health pool
  • energy pool
  • character stats
  • experience for killing this character
  • initial skill points
  • initial stat points
Game difficulty pick board in team selection screen:

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