5.5.2016 - Character races

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5.5.2016 - Character races

Post by fprt77 » Mon May 30, 2016 6:31 pm

It finally come to this. We are introducing character races. Reason for this decision is option to offer special kind of items that could be equiped only to specified race types. Other benefit is limiting buff effects to list of race types, making other types immune to that effect.

Current list of races (will be growing with new characters added to game):
  • human
  • mechanical
  • mythical
  • animal

As a bonus, our engine can limit effect/equip to single character type. This way we are able to define sword of Medusa to be equipable only to her equip slots.

Info about race limits in skill dialog for "Healing skill":

Info about race limits in item dialog for "Medusa sword":

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