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26.6.2016 - Energy

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:53 pm
by fprt77
I have been thinking a lot about energy handling last weeks. I didn't like, that characters could pass turns without any penalty (hp and energy has been regenerating). We have decided to change this into more realistic solution. Now player characters loose a little energy at the start of each turn (they grow tired). It matches with skills using energy as well, because it should make character more tired. This forces characters to consume items (food, pills, etc) to gain back its energy.

When energy of player character drops to 0, it will automatically receive "no energy" debuff, that will hurt it each turn until energy will rise above 0. Of course, full effects of debuff can change later, as this is also defined in buff resources as Json file, so any character stat modification is possible.

Energy loss is equivalent to strength stat of characters, as bigger and stronger characters should consume more energy to function.

Enemy characters are excluded from this energy drain, instead they recuperate energy each turn. Adding food items to each enemy would result in overcomplicated behaviour. It is possible to think about enemies eating their share of food without seeing them do it (animals feed from surroundings, enemy units receive supplies, etc.).

No energy on alchemist character:

Energy loss for monk character: