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Release 0.1.5

Postby fprt77 » Wed May 11, 2016 8:52 am

New prototype release is available to download. What is new:
- new playable character - alchemist
- new fog of war (now tiles behind blocking objects are covered in fog of war)
- improved skill set of robowoman character and scorpions/spiders
- major changes in skill/buff handling (multiple skill effects, on hit effects, on attack effects, buff effect stacking ...)
- critical chance on attack introduced
- some AI improvements
- all content types (characters/objects/items/skills/buffs/worlds/...) are now defined through json resource files
- 25+ bugs fixed

Direct download links:
Windows Prototype 0.1.5
Linux 64 bit Prototype 0.1.5
Linux 32 bit Prototype 0.1.5

Alchemist character:

New fog of war:

Robowoman skill set:

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