Short game description

What is "Multiverse Commando"? Shortly, it is RPG rogue-like hexagonal game made entirely by clay stop motion animation. Project was started at the end of February 2014, just after MV graduation. Originally planned as small project to learn basics of SDL2, but after few months concept of game was getting more and more complex. So MV decided to bring this project to distribution quality and make it fully fledged game.

Story is about organization - (Transdimensional World Protectorate - TWP), that is creating ARTP (Alternate Reality TelePort) devices in labs across the multiverse. TWP is trying to gain control of all the worlds, in order to rule whole multiverse. That is why some races made an alliance, to protect not only their worlds, but all others in multiverse.

The role of player is to pick his <1-6> member commando team and travel through ARTP jumps. until some base of TWP is reached. There you have to confront supreme commander of TWP.

Game is supposed to be beaten (or lost) many times, because:

arrowrightbulletin there are many variations of team members
arrowrightbulletin each world map is RND generated
arrowrightbulletin each world you will travel to is RND generated
arrowrightbulletin in each run, you can finish in 6 different bases, but there are many more possible paths, that will lead you there

Our delivery milestones:

arrowrightbulletin prepare first release to demonstrate clay art and engine (game mechanics) - FINISHED
arrowrightbulletin collect money through crowdfunding (even if we would like to avoid this step, procedure of creating complete game is costly process and it would not be possible for us to finish it without some investors) -> postponed until trailer video is finished
arrowrightbulletin full game with at least 12 playable characters and 100+ enemy characters in 10+ world types

Work already done:

arrowrightbulletin 2600h of code development
arrowrightbulletin 250h of clay animation research, modeling skill improvements and green screen setup creation
arrowrightbulletin 550h of production modeling
arrowrightbulletin hundreds of hours of thinking about game concept, animations, game story and all other game related activities

For those, who are interested in precise time spent on this project, you can check "Work Logging Document" .

Game mechanics, story and content

All worlds of the multiverse are being overtaken by dangerous organization. Your job is to pick team of 6 characters and try to eliminate it. In order to achieve that, your team will need to jump between different worlds using "ARTP" == alternate reality teleport. Your team has limited jumps between worlds, so you better not waste them.

World types in ARTP map are randomly generated. Also each visited world is randomly generated - connected rooms with rnd dimensions and paths are filled with rnd sublocations from pool of available ones. So each playthrough brings new challenges and high replay-ability.

After your team will use ARTP, you will have to pick the way to proceed.

Each direction in ARTP map will modify either:
arrowrightbulletin enemy HP
arrowrightbulletin xp rewards
arrowrightbulletin enemy stat buffs

In addition, distance from the center of map modifies overall world diffictulty and dimensions. Enemy characters will have higher levels, sublocations to spawn will be picked from pool with harder difficulty (more dangerous enemies, higher count, etc) and world board dimension will grow. It is up to you to find best strategy.

Character types:

arrowrightbulletin psionic - abilities based on strength of mind
arrowrightbulletin mechanic - abilities based on machine power
arrowrightbulletin boinic - abilities based on biological properties of species
arrowrightbulletin chemic - abilities based on combining chemicals and/or elements

Lis of all characters, objects and other clay content that is planned to be modeled is available in "Clay content document" .

Playable characters:

arrowrightbulletin Robowoman
arrowrightbulletin Cyborg
arrowrightbulletin Medusa like woman
arrowrightbulletin Minotaur
arrowrightbulletin Alchemist / Scientist
arrowrightbulletin Doctor/Surgeon (woman)
arrowrightbulletin Marine
arrowrightbulletin Marine (other type)
arrowrightbulletin Alien (2 pairs of hands)
arrowrightbulletin Alien (2 pairs of hands) – (woman)
arrowrightbulletin Monk/Medium – psy character
arrowrightbulletin Monk/Medium – psy character (woman)

World types:

arrowrightbulletin lava world
arrowrightbulletin swamp world
arrowrightbulletin rock world
arrowrightbulletin water/islands world
arrowrightbulletin ruined civilization world
arrowrightbulletin desert world
arrowrightbulletin rain forest world
arrowrightbulletin space dump world
arrowrightbulletin caves world
arrowrightbulletin enemy base world

Clay animations

Modeling clay used:
arrowrightbulletin Newplast - http://www.newclay.co.uk/Newplast.htm

Camera setup:
arrowrightbulletin Canon (600D)
arrowrightbulletin tripod (Velbon Videomate 638)
arrowrightbulletin lights (DayLight ET40)

"How it's made videos"

arrowrightbulletinImage shooting green screen - made from rotational base, so all 6 orientations can be taken for each frame of animation


arrowrightbulletin Character drawing


arrowrightbulletin Base character model from clay


arrowrightbulletin Final character model from clay


arrowrightbulletin Setup character to green screen


arrowrightbulletin Edit images into sprite


Game engine info and modding

Code is written in C++ using SDL2 library (https://www.libsdl.org/download-2.0.php).

Other libs used:
SDL gfx arrowrightbulletin ( http://cms.ferzkopp.net/index.php/software/13-sdl-gfx)
SDL ttf arrowrightbulletin ( https://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_ttf/)
SDL mixer arrowrightbulletin ( https://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_mixer/)
SDL image arrowrightbulletin( https://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_image/)
jsoncpp arrowrightbulletin( https://github.com/open-source-parsers/jsoncpp)

Hexagonal board are implemented as two dimensional array, but each tile has assigned axial coordinate (more info http://www.redblobgames.com/grids/hexagons/). Most of the algorithms
(path finding, range, etc) are based on axial coordinates.

Game modding is part of game design from the start of development. List of things to be able to modify:
arrowrightbulletin add new characters/objects/items
arrowrightbulletin add new locations/worlds
arrowrightbulletin modify animations/sprites of any game resource
arrowrightbulletin modify controls looks
arrowrightbulletin add new languages
arrowrightbulletin modify colors used in game

Every game content should be able to define through "json" files specifying properties of the new content.

More info about how to modify game will be shared, when whole engine will be in final testing stage. Now there would be high risk of changes and thus moding in this stage would be pointless.

Development staff

Martin Vodila:

Born in 1989 in Martin, Slovakia. Between 2006-2014 studied Informatics and Theoretical Informatics on Masaryk University. Since 2011 employed as Android developer (working on multimedia applications - streaming of content). After 4 years decided that corporate sphere is not making him satisfied and quit job, so he could fully work on "Multiverse commando" project.

arrowrightbulletin project leading
arrowrightbulletin code development
arrowrightbulletin idea creation
arrowrightbulletin a little bit of modeling

Nina Vodilova:

Born in 1996 in Martin, Slovakia. Between autumn 2014 and spring 2015 studied Architecture in Prague, but decided to switch to Animation specialization.

arrowrightbulletin clay modeling
arrowrightbulletin character design
arrowrightbulletin image post processing

Our Thanks to

We would like to thank to everyone who contributed to SDL and json libraries, which are essential for our project.

We also thank to all members of our community on this page, as well as on social pages.

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